Wow Wheat Grass - Revitalize and Detoxify - 60 Caps Pack

Know the Wow Wheat Grass Benefits

Revitalizes Aging Cells

Helps in Burning Fat Rapidly

Wheatgrass rejuvenates aging cells and helps fight tumors, cleanse the blood and tighten loose and sagging skin.

Since wheatgrass is promoted as a dietary supplement it is popular among those who wish to lose weight and body builders. For weight loss, wheatgrass is very low in calories and has no fat.

Detoxifies Powerfully & Naturally

Effective for Both Men & Women

Wheatgrass is a superior detoxification agent compared to carrot juice and other fruits and vegetables. Wow wheat grass is packed full of nature's more nourishing, cleansing and potent superfoods, alkalizing greens, antioxidant-rich fruits and support herbs.

Not only created to work on female health, but wonderfully effective for males as well. Both Men and Women health needs were taken into consideration during the preparation of the product.

Neutralizes Toxins & Body Pollutants

Nature’s Finest Prescription

Wow Wheat Grass has twice the amount of vitamin A as carrots and is higher in vitamin C than oranges - It contains the full spectrum of B vitamins, as well as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium in a balanced ratio

Wheat grass cleanses and builds the blood due to its high content of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the first product of light and therefore contains more healing properties than any other element. Scientific research has found that regular consumption of wheatgrass can provide a wide assortment of natural health benefits!

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Wheatgrass is nature’s finest medicine – it is a powerful concentrated liquid nutrient – two ounces of wheatgrass juice has the nutritional equivalent of five pounds of the best raw organic vegetables – it has twice the amount of vitamin a as carrots.

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Wow Wheat Grass Benefits

LIVE YOUNGER & REJUVENATED! Revitalizes Aging Cells Detoxifies Powerfully & Naturally Neutralizes Toxins & Body Pollutants Helps in Burning Fat Rapidly Effective for Both Men & Women 100% Natural, Certified.Buy this product and avail benefits of Wow Wheat Grass that can help you to Naturally Neutralizes Toxins & Body Pollutants.


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